Al Safadi Bros. for Chemicals Construction Materials is an exclusive agent for:

  • CMCI Construction Material Chemical Industries, a Saudi Arabian based company, established in 1985 in Dammam, manufacturing a full range of concrete chemicals, admixtures, repair products and waterproofing membrane.

    Our main services focus on

    • Waterproofing Systems.
    • Thermal Insulation Systems.
    • Concrete Admixtures.
    • Industrial and Commercial Flooring Systems.
    • Epoxy and Polyurethane Systems.
    • Hospitals floorings (Leninium Anti-static)
    • Concrete Repair Systems.
    • Joint Fillers and Sealants.
    • Tile Adhesive and Bonding Agents.
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  • Kapitell : Based in Germany, Kapitell Chemicals specializes in the production and licensing of chemical building materials, including adhesives, grouts, and waterproofing solutions. By outsourcing non-essential bits of the manufacturing process, all the while adhering to our strict quality assurance policies, we’re able to deliver a sizable portfolio at affordable prices that you can rely on to get the job done. In addition to our existing product line, and as an extension of our expertise in the field, Kapitell Chemicals restlessly develops new products to better serve the changing needs of the market, and accepts requests for custom-tailored solutions to even the toughest of projects. Drop us a line and let our team of experts help you deliver on your next one!

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  • Modern The Modern Group of Companies is based in Cairo Egypt founded in 1999 after a long history in the waterproofing industry dating back to the 1950s. The three members of the group are:

    • Modern Waterproofing Company
    • Spuntex Company for Engineering Textiles
    • Modern Plastics Company

    The Modern Group manufactures, bitumenous membranes (APP and SBS) and primers, extruded polystyrene insulation (XPS), and spunbond (continuous filament) nonwoven polyester geotextiles.

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  • In addition to the above mentioned brands agencies we own:

    Syrian Chemical Construction materials (Factory management by Al-Safadi Bros. Co.) The start of the establishment of the factory in 2007 in Damascus-Adra Industrial City, and began production in 2009 in cooperation with major international companies.

    Regarding our factory services, SCCM produces:

    Waterproofing materials – Cement Base.

    • Waterproofing materials – Acrylic Base.
    • Waterproofing materials – Bitumen Base.
    • Adhesive material for ceramics, granite and porcelain . (Raw materials of German origin from Walker Corporation).
    • Self-leveling Epoxy, epoxy coating, epoxy putty water-based raw materials of Australian origin.
    • Concrete Admixtures
    • Grout (Non-shrink – Repair Grout)
    • Epoxy Grout
    • External finishing (cement base)
    • Plaster

    Projects Reference for Al-Safadi Bros. Chemical Construction Material Department

    • YasmeinRotana (Hotel-Damascus)
    • AL Nobels (Buildigs Residential Unit - Yaafour)
    • Qurtuba (Buildigs Residential Unit - Yaafour)
    • Eight Gate Financial District (Financial Unit-Yaafour)
    • Eight Gate Stock market (Financial Unit-Yaafour)
    • Bin Laden Group (Adraa- Industrial City)
    • Techno Bic Cartoon Factory (Adraa- Industrial City)
    • Al Zenbarakji Factory (Adraa- Industrial City)
    • Norcan Factory for Soda Drinks (Adraa- Industrial City)
    • Tishreen Thermal station (Damascus countryside)
    • Syrian Factory For Metal Industries (Adraa- Industrial City).
    • Al Badia Cement Factory (Damascus countryside)
    • Al Attar Group (Adraa- Industrial City).
    • Trans Mall (Homs)
    • BortoTartous (Tourist resort)
    • Lime plant (Lattakia)
    • Newly Lebanon Market for different Projects and clients.

    And here is a short list of some projects we had the privilege of working with in Syria:

    • Movenpick Hotel, Damascus.
    • Damascus Stock Exchange building, 8th Gate, Y’afoor.
    • Ebn Hani Bay Resort (Fishermen houses), Latakia.
    • Al-doha city , Damascus
    • The prince of QatarPalace, Y’afoor Damascus.
    • The crown prince of Qatar palace, Y’afoor Damascus.
    • Shahba Mall (Aleppo).
    • Trans Mall (Homs).
    • Hamah Cement Factory (Hamah)
    • Alhasekah Cement Factory (Alkameshli).
    • Project of Youth housing, kodsiaDamascus.
    • SMI (Syrian Metal Industries) factory, Adraa Damascus
    • Expansion Joints in Almotahlek Highway, Damascus.
    • Y’afoor Hotel, Y’afoorDamascus.
    • Kadamora Hotel, Palmira.
    • (AIU) ArabiaInternationalUniversity, Daraa Highway.
    • Al-RasheedUniversity, Daraa Highway.
    • Al-fatehAlislamiUniversity, Damascus.
    • Armitage Hotel, Damascus.
    • Concord Mall, Sohnaia Damascus.
    • Expansion of DamascusInternationalAirport.
    • Deir Ali power station, Daraa Highway.
    • Teshrine power station, Damascus.
    • Elsewedy Cables, total area 30,000 m2.
    • Many pharmaceutical factories in Aleppo.
    • Ben Laden group factories, total area 45000 m2.
    • RC Factory for soft drinks.
    • Almassa factory (alorfali group) for the production of ceramic tiles total area 20000 m2.
    • Hmisho Steel Factory, Homs.
    • Hmisho Steel Factory, Latakia.
    • Factory of Dinatex, Total area 16000 m2.
    • Factory of Zannobia Co. for the production of ceramic tiles and bathroom fixtures.
    • Middle East Institution for Construction (Hamsho) tobacco factory, 14400m2.
    • Project of the press and the official gazette directorate, total area 9000m2.
    • Many projects in the center of scientific research and scientific studies (Jamraya-Barzeh).
    • Expansion of the General Institution for Radio and Television.
    • M.G.C. Co - Lebro factories.
    • Project of the governmental complex (Al-kaboon).
    • Projects of the Military Housing Institution (in Damascus-Homs-Daraa).
    • General Company for Building and Reconstruction.
    • (MTN) network mobile (cellular).
    • Ramak Co. for free markets.
    • Warehouses’ flooring of the Agricultural Bank (Al-Tal city).
    • Flooring of the Galvanizing Plant of the Finnish Company (ELTEL) in Deir Ali area.
    • Flooring of Qalie Co. for metallic industries (Daraa highway).
    • Flooring of iron warehouses in the free zone (Tortuous).
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All rights reserved © 2016 Al-Safadi Bros.
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